The 2016 season came down to a display of fantastic hockey with Old Oaks Knysna Men 1st team playing York in the men’s final. This was a closely contented game with without doubt some of the goals of the season as well as some saves of the season. Both teams fought hard for this but Old Oaks came out 6-2 winners – a score not reflecting the intensity and quality of the game.

The ladies league was also contested in Knysna between Old Oaks Knysna Ladies and Mossel bay and full time was a stale mate at 1-1. The game went to the 8 second shootout where Old Oaks Knysna won 2-1.

Final positions Men:

1 Old Oaks Knysna 1

2 York

3 Quarry

4 Glenwood Inv

5 Old Oaks Knysna 2


7 Wanderers

8 Outeniqua

Final Positions Ladies:

1 Old Oaks Knysna

2 Mossel Bay

3 York

4 Wanderers


6 George

It was a great season all round and we look forward to 2017!ladies-winners